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"From the first minutes of reading through Jessica’s setting of Thy Will be Done, I knew we had a ‘winner’. The choir immediately responded positively to every phrase with delight and passion. Jessica’s writing shows incredible sensitivity to each voice part, writing expertly for all ranges. The reality that this piece came together quickly showed that Jessica is a composer who totally understands how to write for singers, and in a way that excites and compels each singer to do their best. I can’t wait to commission her to write another work for us!" Jeffrey Brillhart - Director of Music, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

"French's works were of full of color and lush harmonies, and provided the kind of otherworldy inspiration that has come to characterize national AGO conventions." The American Organist

"Getting to commission and premiere a new anthem by Jessica French was a special experience. From the first conversation about what the piece would be…receiving the email with the first draft…and the rehearsals leading up to the first performance – these were all special moments in the creation of a significant new piece in the choral repertoire." Edward Landin Senn - Organist and Director of Music, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian

"...lyrical, sweeping lines…deeply impassioned…atmospheric…shimmering harmonies...stunning." Project Encore


"Jessica French's Eloi, Eloi is stunningly powerful.  You are at the scene.  Immersed in the emotions and spirit and anguish of the event.  As a chorister privileged to sing it with superb soloists, I am emotionally and physically spent after a full run-through, whether in service or rehearsal.  I was there.  It is real.  Astonishing." Greg Miller - Bass in St. James Cathedral Choir, Seattle

"Jessica French is the real deal! Her choral music is beautifully crafted and is a joy to sing. It is truly the work of a great musician and a fine singer." Robert Bode - Director Emeritus, Choral Arts Northwest

"Having performed Jessica's wonderful set of Jesu Dulcis variations on three organs, in three different spaces, and a combination of recital performances and as voluntary during a church service, this piece is a wonderful addition to the organ repertoire."  Edward Landin Senn - Organist and Director of Music, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

"Jessica's Preces and Responses are beautifully written, and give a stylish and colorful new take on the words. Everyone truly loved singing them, and they will remain in our repertoire." Jared Johnson - Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, SC

"Ms. French's music is deeply honest and heartfelt. When she sent me her Tantum Ergo  it was immediately apparent that this was devotional, liturgical, accessible, and innately beautiful music. At St. Peter's Episcopal Church, St. Louis, the choir was also quite taken with the work." David Sinden - Director of Music, St. Peter's Episcopal Church

"Jessica French’s music is as glorious as the texts she chooses to set. My singers and I loved working with Jessica at every stage of our commissioning projects." Sara Boos, Northwest Girlchoir

"Jessica's Jesu Dulcis variations are wonderful. Evocative and challenging and I love the Lydian ending. Beautifully done."

Nicholas Klemetson - Organist and Director of Worship, Grace Lutheran Church and School



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