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At Heaven's
SATB and Organ


$3.00 per score

About the Work

At Heaven’s Proclamation is a setting of a text by 13th century mystic Mechtild of Magdeburg, majestically depicting the Transfiguration of Christ. It was commissioned by Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue and Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, South Carolina for the 2023 Saint Thomas Girl Chorister Course.  


 Jared Johnson, Conductor | Nicholas Haigh, Organist


O ardens mons,

O electe sol,

O perfecta luna,

O inestimabilis fons,

O claritas immodica,

O sapientia aeterna,

O misericordia infinita,

O virtus ultra resistentiam,

O excelsum ineffabilis,

O lux inaccessabilis,

O corona omnis majestatis.*


All creation humbly sings your praise:

Bright stars, high mountains,

depths of the seas, rushing waters,

All these break into song

at heaven’s proclamation:

This is my Son, my beloved,

My chosen One.


-Mechtild of Magdeburg (1207-1294)

*first portion translated into Latin by Jessica French

and Margaret White


*English Translation

O burning mountain,

O chosen sun,

O perfect moon,

O fathomless well,

O clearness beyond all measure,

O wisdom without end,

O mercy without all limit,

O strength beyond resistance,

O unattainable height,

O unattainable light,

O crown of all majesty.

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