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Fix Your Eyes Upon the Star
SATB Choir 
$3.00 per score

About the Work

Fix Your Eyes Upon the Star was commissioned and premiered by David Sinden and the choir of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in St. Louis for their annual Epiphany Carol Service in 2023. Set to an evocative text by Tony Silvestri, this work vividly portrays the Magi’s journey toward the star. Shimmering harmonies and brightly sustained lines evoke the star’s luminous beams, as a chant-like melody gently guides the Magi to follow its light. Intensity increases while a rising melodic line excitedly builds to an ecstatic culmination on the phrase “take up your harps and sing,” portraying the wonder that the Magi experience as they behold the star’s beauty. Through dramatic harmonic shifts, the star’s true meaning is revealed as “the birth of Hope,” while the words “let it’s light become your guide” softly fade into the distance.


Lift your heavy heads, O sages,

And look to the west,

Where appears a star

Brighter by far

Than any in all the firmament.


Leave your sacred fires, O Magi,

and look to the west; 

Follow the light

That banishes night

And sets all things upon paths anew.


Fix your eyes upon the star;

Let its light become your guide.

Long have you waited for such a sign

That blazes now in the western sky!


Linger not in darkness, my brothers,

Follow me into the west.

Take up your harps and sing, my sisters,

Sing as ones now blessed;

For this star portends

A beginning, and an end,

The birth into our weary world

Of Hope. 

     -Charles Anthony Silvestri

Duration - 4:30

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