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Robert Bode

Choral Arts Northwest

Jessica French is the real deal! Her choral music is beautifully crafted and is a joy to sing. It is truly the work of a great musician and a fine singer. Choral Arts Northwest thinks so highly of her music that we have invited Jessica to be our Composer-in-Residence for our 2020-2021 season. We can't wait to see what she writes for us!

Sara Boos

Northwest Girlchoir

Jessica French’s music is as glorious as the texts she chooses to set. Her lyric lines and rhythmic intensity keep you wanting to hear more as an audience member and to turn the next page as a performer. It is clear from her part writing that she is an accomplished singer, keyboardist, and educator—vocal lines that appear challenging seem to float and soar and are a pleasure to sing. Jessica brings professionalism and joy to everything that she does. My singers and I loved working with her at every stage of our commissioning projects.

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